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Jena Love

Blossom & Shine

Welcome, beautiful soul.  I appreciate your visit to!

I am honored to offer you information on Holistic Health practices and tools along with Sacred Beauty rituals and enhancements for every day life.  Enjoy browsing through the different services and products and my informative blog to optimize your wellness of mind, body, and soul. 

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My Mission

My mission is to serve women in coaching and inspiring them to harmonize mind, body, spirit, and emotions. I have learned through years of experience and seeking personal growth (which necessarily involves stepping outside one's comfort zone) to tap into my intuition and the spiritual realm and allow the Holy Spirit, saints, sages, and angels to help guide me on a journey through this earthly, physical realm. I was blessed to study and train under a brilliant & creative Integrative medical doctor~ Dr. Bonds-Garrett in becoming a Certified Raindrop Harmonics Specialist via AromaSounds. "AromaSounds leads the field of Sound, Light and Vibrational healing by creating healing tools, educating instructors who can teach these modalities and techniques, and actively supporting a world-wide community that embodies the philosophy and practice of spiritual and energetic healing on all levels of the human biofield. ​ AromaSounds is an organization devoted to Vibrational healing. We teach classes in Vibrational Harmonics with multiple Certification training pathways in conjunction with the Natural Therapies Certification Board (" As a CRHS, I am also a licensed spiritual healer.. which, I will point out, licensing" is not needed for spiritual healing, though it does give me the ability to "lay hands" on others as a professional practitioner. Also, I am not healing anyone; all healing comes from within, I am merely a facilitator of Divine healing powers. In all of my sessions and classes, I utilize many different frequencies ~ sound, aromatherapy, light, Flower Essences, gemstones and more to help my clients tap into their own eternal and innate wisdom, healing and harmonizing while dancing through life. Dear soul, have you ever experienced trauma? Most likely, all of us can say emphatically, "yes." When we do experience traumatic occurrences, these can become stored in our physical bodies. Realizing the importance of healing our bodies from this, I enjoy teaching a Gentle Somatic Yoga style to address the underlying issues as well as the teaching and facilitating the Raindrop Technique~ a comprehensive spiritual practice for holistic health. One of my favorite practices and services I offer is Classical Feng Shui. When we optimize the energies of our home, we optimize the energy of ourselves and families. Find out how this ancient art and science can help you live your best life! My mission in this current phase of life is to encourage you to realize and express your inner and outer beauty through sacred rituals, and holistic living tools with practical application techniques. I am delighted for you to join me and others on this journey, spiraling upwards. Much Love xox, Jena Love Dailey


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Holistic Services

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