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Soul Contact Session


Our souls' journey throughout time, can also experience ancestral trauma or past life incidents that require healing; for this, I offer Soul Contact sessions.  As a professing and practicing Christian who has been both Protestant (affiliated with many different denominations) and Catholic, the concept of reincarnation initially seemed antithetical to my knowledge and experience of Christian Theology.  As with most ideas and concepts, keeping an objective and open mind is imperative.  This necessitates exploring and considering the historical context (including the important writings of prolific, early theologian, Origen, and emperor Justinian's anathemus against him), arguments against it, and evidence for it.  If you wish to explore this idea further (and the possible implications it might have in your life and health), I highly recommend this blog post by Dr. Edward Close, author of Transcendental Physics and discoverer of gimmel ~ one of the most important post-materialist scientific discoveries of our time.

We all have the ability to tap into the askashic records of our soul, both past and future.  Sometimes our physical ailments or relationships are connected to our past lives; and sometimes we need guidance with our higher selves to go into the future for reassurance we are on the right path.

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