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Raindrop Harmonics

Young Living Essential Oils ~ Gems ~ Tuning Forks ~ Light

Raindrop Harmonics, created by Dr. Christi Bonds-Garrett, who also serves on Young Living's Essential Oils Scientific Council, and is a segment of AromaSounds.  In the Vibrational World of Sound, Aroma, and Color-Light & the Integration of Eastern and Western Medicine, AromaSounds  leads the field of Sound, Light and Vibrational healing by creating healing tools, educating instructors who can teach these modalities and techniques, and actively supporting a world-wide community that embodies the philosophy and practice of spiritual and energetic healing on all levels of the human biofield.

The Vibrational Raindrop Technique is a 60 min session, that enhances the traditional raindrop technique with the addition of tuning forks and gemstones.

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