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Goddess Glow ~ 200ml

Goddess Glow ~ 200ml

Enjoy divine love and self care with this 3 in 1 all natural product.  Exfoliate, Moisturize, & Revitalize your mind, body, & spirit with organic, unrefined oils and butters synergestically combined with fine-grain Himalayan Pink Salt, imported directly from the source.  Himalayan Salt is known to contain 84 trace minerals necessary for optimal health.  This premium product is stored in high frequency promoting Violet Glass, based on biophotonic science.  This glass only allows the highest spectrum of UV light to enter, and thereby enhances whatever is contained within.

Apply to face, hands, or body before washing, bathing, or showering.


    This premium quality violet glass container in a reusable or recyclable.

    Ingredients: Finely ground Himalayan Pink Salt; Unrefined, Organic Oils ~ Coconut, Castor, Sweet Almond, Sunflower Seed, Apricot Kernel, Kui Kui Nut, Baobab, Babassu, Tamanu, Pomegrante Seed; Roasted Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter; Unrefined Beeswax; Finely crushed gemstones ~ Peridot, Turquoise, Amethyst

    This product is very rich and mositurizing, a little bit goes a long way.

    Also, because natural butters and oils are used, the consistency of the product may vary if exposed to extreme temperatures.


    If you are not satisified with this product, please return for a complete refund.


    Shipping is typically done through Flat Rate priority mail via USPS

$48.00 Regular Price
$44.00Sale Price
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