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Exploring the Water Element in Feng Shui & Action Challenge

Water is one of the five elements of Feng Shui symbolizing prosperity, financial abundance, movement, and purification. Water resonates with our emotions ~ allowing them to flow and helps deepen our intuitive capacity and clairvoyance abilitlies. When added to certain areas of the home, water is a catalyst for initiating romantic love relationships. Water is considered to be yin ~ both introspective and mysterious; it is flexible and soft, yet extremely powerful as it can erode stones and even mountains over time.

Water's shapes and symbols are wavy and curvy patterns, its colors are black, indigo, and the varying shades of the ocean. Water runs downwards (think of waterfalls) and is “on the go“ ~ liberally flowing. To use it as a remedy for your home's energetic balance, it is ideal to use the element of water, itself. A motorized fountain containing a minimum of one quart of water and made of metal, glass, or resin, or a fish tank with fish and sea plants are the preferred means when a water remedy is needed based on a home’s flying stars chart.

If an actual water remedy is not possible, an image / picture of a body of water ~ ocean, waterfall, lake ~ can be displayed, along with the use of water's colors and textures ~ wavy textures and open weaves. A fountain of water outside the home can be used if the home happens to be in an annual lock or in a 20 year lock, which hampers the abundance and flow of energy and money in the home. A home located near water ~ within visible sight range and/or auditory range, will never go into a lock. North is the direction associated with the water element. Water’s creative / enhancing element that "feeds" it is metal (dew forms on metal producing water). The element that reduces the water energy but does not destroy it is wood (as a plant absorbs water), and the element that is destructive to water is earth (earth dams water). One area of our homes where it is not ideal to have too much water energy is in the bathrooms as they have enough of their own water energy with sinks, showers, and tubs. Too much water energies in the bathroom such as blues/black colors, and also its "creative" element of metal (metallic colors, grays, pastels) can cause a saturation of the water element which corresponds to financial losses. Earth colors and tones (light browns & tans) and elements (gemstones, clays, sand, granite) or Wood colors (greens) and elements (living green plants) help absorb excess water energy and are ideal for bathrooms.

Here’s a Feng Shui action challenge for you ~ Take a moment to sit or stand and be in your bathroom... observe the space with fresh eyes... Notice if you have extra water energy that could be absorbed by adding a green plant or two, or adding some of your favorite crystals. Replacing a shower curtain, towels, or bath mats with earth tones or wood's shades of green are also easy fixes and relatively inexpensive. Also, make sure there are no leaks with your plumbing fixtures as that also symbolizes financial "leaks."

Diffusing your favorite Young Living Essential Oil creates a spa like feeling with the bonus benefits of aromatherapy; adding a himalayan salt lamp and a regular energetic cleansing practice of “saging” helps create an oasis & spa~like feeling in your bathroom. Most importantly, keep the toilet seat closed! This is for hygienic reasons (and the yuck! factor of small particles released into the air while flushing) and keeps the water energy associated with finances from being depleted. I hope this post inspires you to consider the energy of the water element, how it corresponds to your living space, and how it can be enhanced. If you would like to dive deeper into your own home's particular energetic blueprint based on when it was built and the specific cardinal directions of its sitting and facing sides according to the Loupan compass, then contact me to schedule a free consultation. I offer different packages and also offer hourly, freelance consulting work. I am grateful to help you on your journey to harmonize your home and optimize your life.

Love & Namaste, Jena Love Dailey

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