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Paradigm Shifting Into the Light Ages, Part 2 of 2: My Interview with Dr. Close

Reincarnation, High IQ, UFOs, Galactic Federation of Worlds Hello dear reader, this is a continuation of my interview with Dr. Close. If you haven't yet caught up with the first interview segment, you can do so here ~ Part 1 of 2. In this segment, we left off at a cliff hanger... Dr. Close to explain what he thinks the whole point of human existence here on earth is ~

We then segued into what Dr. Close perceives to be the greatest detriment to Western Civilization (elaborated in one of his prior blog posts) and in this PART 2 of the interview. For an even greater overview, I recommend his book, Secrets of the Sacred Cube: A Cosmic Love Story, co-written by his late wife, Jaquie Close.

My Christian Faith Background Because I realize some of the topics we covered are considered heretical in the Christian Faith, it is my desire to share my personal background and journey with you. Growing up during my childhood and teenage years, we moved often due to my father's employment as a Federal Criminal Investigator for various agencies. At one point I attended four different high schools located in three different states. Over the years, I remember attending numerous Christian churches, several of which we became permanent members. My Father became a Born Again Christian as a teenager, while my mother grew up in the Lutheran Church. After they started a family together and with each new move, we attended various Protestant denominations (and occasionally non-Denominational churches), including: Baptist, Presbyterian, Evangelical Free, Reformed Presbyterian, and finally Reformed Episcopalian. The R.E. church uses the Book of Common Prayer and has a more formalized style of worship, similar to the Anglican & Orthodox churches with their hierarchical structure. During this time span, my father, a history major from Virginia Military Institute, was also an avid learner of homesteading and theology with countless books in both areas. As a Southern Agrarian, my father appreciated the founding fathers of the Reformation which gave birth to the Protestant faith. He was especially fond of John Calvin (Calvinism), and studying eschatology, which I found intriguing, as well.

Post high school, I attended a community college while living in Radford and Blacksburg, VA, for my freshman and half of my sophomore year. I then transferred to a private Christian College ~ Grove City College, which is similar to Hillsdale College. The two colleges were both involved in a notable legal case that went to the Supreme court in the early 1980s whereby they won against the US Federal Government. As a result of the colleges not taking any federal funding, it was ruled in their favor of not having to allow the Federal Government to mandate how they would operate as higher educational learning institute in any capacity, unlike the majority of most colleges and universities today. In the past, with my background and college experience, I would have considered myself a layperson student of theology. I also appreciated the diverse and various different styles and forms of worship, including attending many other church denominations with friends in my youth. As a result of experiencing so many different Christian churches, I am very blessed to have met many loving and caring people. From this diverse Christian background, I feel I have a somewhat comprehensive perspective into the Protestant Christian faith. However, I wasn't full circle, yet, in experiencing the Two primary branches of Christianity. Crossing over to the Catholic branch came after spending over 15 years or so in the Reformed Episcopal church, (one in Roanoke, VA and one in Westpoint, TN ~ the latter of which I was voted in as a church vestry member), and I eventually converted to the Catholic faith in 2013. Leading up to this fairly big "jump," were several factors: One reason, being in 2011, I enrolled my oldest son in a local Catholic Christian school for first grade, with his two younger brothers following in subsequent years. I ultimately choose this versus attempting to home school, (which had been my thinking), though without a supportive partner, and three under the age of three, the choice to enroll them in a small private Christian school was a welcomed relief and great benefit to our family. The school and church were very intertwined and I appreciated being with others from our local community. Another reason was during this time, I began to feel a huge dissonance with attending a small, mostly family church, that was more or less controlled by my former Father-in-law, though it was a parish within a hierarchical structure of the RE church. He was ordained as a Reformed Episcopal Minister in addition to owning a gold and silver business, family farm, and writing a monthly newsletter distributed throughout the US. Mostly, what became very apparent as a parishioner in this church and subsequently leaving it, was the feeling that an imperfect man, who was in charge of "leading the flock" was very partial in nature, and enabled gross forms of abuse ~ physical abuse towards animals and people, drug abuse, emotional and psychological abuse, and sexual abuse of children similar to the Duggar Family. Sadly, any attempts at discourse over these situations were mostly ignored and blocked. While no one is perfect, myself included, difficult conversations and accountability are essential to rectifying wrongdoings. Ultimately, if humans are incapable of this, God takes care of it, as we all "reap what we sow." So, in 2013, we officially converted to the Catholic faith, joining the local parish where my sons were enrolled in the adjoining school. In this process, adults have to undergo a 9 month course of RCIA classes ~Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, where much of the early church history is covered, as well as expanding more into Saints and Angels and Archangels. And after the classes are completed, when becoming a member of the Catholic church, each person also chooses a patron saint. I choose (or perhaps she choose me) Hildegard Von Bingen.

Hildegard von Bingen
Hildegard von Bingen receives a divine inspiration and passes it on to her scribe.

As my path of learning and practicing in the Healing Arts progressed, and subsequent divorce in 2017, I have not been in regular attendance of any church. For now, I prefer a home-based style form of worship and sacred communion with the Divine as an everyday way of life. With everything that has transpired globally over the last few years, it feels like we are living thru an Apocalyptic time. While many think of an Apocalypse being a "total destruction and end of the world," the word is derived from Ancient Greekἀποκάλυψις (apokalypsis) meaning~ 'revelation, disclosure.' I believe more Truth is coming to light, with things not always being as they seem. In fact, from Tartaria to the Mud Flood, to UFOs, and Deep State ... is it possible we have been deceived in more ways than one? Or that many of Jesus Christ's original teachings (influenced by the Essenes) were subverted for means of keeping people under control? And while there are many l0ving, well intentioned people in the Christian Faith, as well as in all religious faiths, I have become a little more disillusioned by certain facets, including a people in elevated positions portraying a form of Grandiose Narcissism and hypocrisy. It becomes easier to see how any and all institutionalized forms of religion, can become a controlling entity based on power and manipulation. I have also experienced and witnessed firsthand, those calling themselves "Christians" while certainly was not promoting the true nature of Jesus Christ. For their actions do not align with Christ's teachings all the while conveniently sweeping the inconvenient reality under the rug and not holding the offenders accountable, as seen in Institutionalized Religions, Politics, and Education. I also discovered the work of Margaret Starbird around 2013 and her book, The Woman with the Alabaster Jar: Mary Magdalene and the Holy Grail, and in the resulting journey through reading more and researching the Dead Sea Scrolls, I began to discover who Mary Magdalene truly was/is. As the one "Jesus loved the most and kissed on the lips," according to the Gospel of Thomas.

For those of us in the Christian faith, if we can start to explore the notion that Christ and Mary Magdalene were, in fact, in Sacred Union, we would then logically have to ask ourselves, why was this important knowledge purposefully left out? There are many resources to research this in greater depth, and I would encourage you to explore further. And with the same due diligence, we must also question and research why the belief in Reincarnation became a heresy in the Christian faith. The implications of this quite likely erroneous notion of our souls' "Ex Nihilo" existence are considerable, especially, in looking at current, scientific evidence proving otherwise. We also must question what this has done to us in Western civilization. Which I think has been keeping us trapped in a perpetual state of fear, where we do not realize our souls are infinite. With all things, we must be open to seeking Truth, in spite of Religious dogma and doctrine.

There is only ONE holistic reality. I believe failure to recognize the eternal nature of our souls becomes a great detriment, indeed. There is evidence Jesus of Nazareth accepted and discussed reincarnation amongst his disciples, as well as prolific church theologian, Origen, wrote extensively about. Whereas, the remembrance and knowledge of our past lives helps move us forward in advancing our spiritual growth. If you did not click on the link below the video posted above, I highly encourage you to read Dr. Close's very comprehensive blog post entitled, "Survival and Reincarnation: Real or Fantasy?"

If you are curious about learning more or exploring past memories, lives, or future soul contact, I would be honored to help you on that journey. I have trained with Peter Woodbury, from A.R.E (Association of Research & Enlightenment) by Edgar Cayce, the Father of Holistic Medicine and renowned psychic. I have personally experienced life changing results and would love to help assist you. Find out more information, here.


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