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Review: Feng Shui and Frequencies ~ Harmonizing Home & Health

  • 90Days
  • 22Steps


Join Jena Love on a nine day journey for renewal, growth, and transformation. In addition to the numerous benefits of Feng Shui tips and techniques, you will also receive specific bio-resonance frequencies from AO Scan Technology by Solex, that will support the learning and application of the course material. The playlists will change each day to correlate with the specific topic presented, (see outline, below). The frequencies will play for each participant for 2 hours at a specified time. You will also receive a daily "Inner Voice" scan and resulting harmonizing mp3 file to listen to throughout the day which is based on a 12 second audio clip you will send me each morning. After you join the online program, you will be able to see the steps for the nine days. Content will be in written format, audio, and video files. I recommend you stay with only viewing each day's steps and material which will be supported with the frequencies playlists, and as exact material will be added and tweaked as we go along. You will have until February 20th to join the program; after purchasing the program, I will reach out to each participant to set up a client account with basic information and a headshot picture. There will be a facebook chat for participants to ask questions and offer feedback. Day 1: Intro and Harnessing the energies of the Year of the Yang Wood Dragon Day 2: Resonate with the fire energy of the #9 ~ 20 year cycle we recently entered Day 3: Transformation from the Inside Out Day 4: Sage and Sound Clear Your Home Day 5: Clutter Be Gone! Day 6: Attracting Wealth & Abundance Day 7: Harmonizing Relationships Day 8: Aligning Passions & Profits ~ Shine Bright! Day 9: Everyday Altars: Purpose & Practice

You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app




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